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5 Star job ads

5 Stars Job Ad

Elevate your job ad with actionable insights & advice

Job ad discovery

Make your job ads visible and easy to find


  • Ensure the position title is concise and informative.

  • Include other relevant information about the job.

  • Make sure your ads are easy to understand.

  • Include the job ad salary to have better talent matches. You can choose to hide it, but displaying it will attract more applications.


  • Give generic job titles.

  • Include multiple position titles with different specialization.

  • Give confusing and vague position titles.

Roles and responsibilities

Appeal to your target candidates directly with a clear job role and responsibilities.

  • The job role and the responsibilities.

  • The kind of candidate you are looking for in terms of qualifications, experience and specific skills.

  • The reason why a candidate should consider this job.

  • Other information such as special awards, incentives or even testimonies of people in the same department/role.

  • Include what candidates can learn from this job.

  • An overview of your company, that makes you stand out against others


Good job description

If you like to meet new people and identify new business opportunities, this may be the right job for you. We are looking for a candidate that can enhance the company’s performance. 1. We need you to identify sales leads and pitch goods or services to new clients. 2. We want you to prepare presentations and communications developments to prospective clients. 3. You are required to produce monthly sales and marketing reports to management with feedback.

Bad job description

We require a fantastic person to manage existing customers and bring in new business.

1. Great money. ⁠2. Must have a can-do attitude. ⁠3. Fast-paced & dynamic environment

You will enjoy this job and have great career advancement prospects.

Ad Writing

Have a one on one conversion through your ad writing to convince your targeted candidate to apply for the job.

Have a one on one conversation through your ad writing to convince your targeted candidate to apply for the job.

It is not enough to just reach out to those who are actively looking for a job. Good talents are often those who are passive. They are the ones who are currently employed and willing to consider a new or better job. ⁠ ⁠⁠Your goal is to write an ad which includes information that will resonate with the passive job seekers. When you can attract this group, inevitably you will also attract the active jobseekers as well.

Local employment rules

Follow our policies and terms of use

  • Putting discriminatory requirements such as “female only”, or “below 40 years only”.

  • Including multiple job postings in the job title.

  • Using email addresses in the advertisement.

Job Advertisements should adhere to  Jobstreet by SEEK terms of use and relevant country policies.

Questions for Candidates

Discover the right candidates from the start

  • Leverage on AI-recommended screening questions

  • Choose from over 30K expertly curated questions

  • Quickly identify suitable applicants with “must-have” filter

  • With over 150 million questions already answered on our platform, it’s the better way to get great candidates.

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