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Laws of Attraction - Latest recruitment trends in Malaysia

Laws of Attraction

​What really attracts Malaysian candidates

Hire with Precision. Thrive with Passion.​

Finding talent is not an easy job, let alone hiring the right talent. We are here to help: The Laws of Attraction is your gateway into insights drawn from's comprehensive study of more than 10,000 Malaysian candidates across 25 industries.

Passionate employees are the core of your business—that is why we have built this powerful tool to help uncover the key drivers that motivate candidates at work and the strategies to inspire their passion.

Discover how you can precisely attract and hire your best talent with Laws of Attraction portal developed by, Asia's best talent sourcing partner.

Explore the Laws of Attraction

Find out what Malaysian candidates want. Our interactive and dynamic data exploration tool allows you to dive into the data and compare candidate segments. Discover specific insights to solve your unique recruitment challenges in Malaysia.

About Laws of Attraction

To pull the right people to your business, you need to know what candidates want. Attracting top talent isn’t just about salary: to get the recruitment edge over competition, you need to understand all the forces that attract people to a role, and what it takes to keep them there.

With 20 years of focus in Malaysia market, JobStreet sets out to create an extensive resource with the depth to inform recruitment strategies, improve job effectiveness and help retain valued talent in any business.

The result is Laws of Attraction, industry-leading employment insights drawn from a comprehensive survey of more than 10,000 Malaysian candidates. It’s just one of the ways we’re helping connect your business to the people who will help make it stronger.

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