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How to Attract Gen Z to Your Workplace: 5 Tips for Every Employer

SME vs Corporate: Who Pays More?

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To attract better, let them know you better. With a company profile, jobseekers can learn about your company beyond the job ad. Include working environment, values, philosophy, and other information will help attract like-minded candidates. Here's how.

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Actionable market insights at your fingertips

Get a fuller picture of Malaysia’s job market for FREE, our Salary Guide 2023 documents salaries across 20 industries in Malaysia.

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Know your candidate to stay ahead

Losing your workers to overseas employers? With technology, working remotely for a foreign employer is very attractive for jobseekers – they get better exchange rates and exposure. To attract and retain workers, showcase your company’s working environment, organise fun in-person activities that are only local employers can do.