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Top 4 qualities that make any company a good company to work for

Top 4 qualities that make any company a good company to work for

When most people think about a good company to work for, they would usually associate it with the perks and benefits offered by the company. Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Hilton and Facebook would naturally pop into your mind even as you are reading this article. These are companies that not only have strong company brands but are consistently at the top of many annual lists of best places to work (Fortune’s is one example).

However, having great benefits and perks are all just part of the story. The truth is, each of these companies has a solid foundation of a great workplace in terms of work culture and highly engaging workforce. It’s no secret that a good work culture creates engaged employees who can work harder, more productive in nature and have less likelihood of leaving their companies. 

Let’s start by taking a look at the characteristics of an ideal workplace:

1. Trust

  • Trust exists both ways, and every employee rely on each other to “watch over each other’s back”.

  • Employees trust their leaders to lead them in making the right decisions for the benefit of the company (including its people).

  • Employers trust their employees to prioritise the company’s objectives and to represent a good company image always.

2. Engagement

  • Employees are focused and keen to take up work challenges as well as acquire new skills and knowledge.

  • An engaged workforce promotes a problem-solving attitude and a culture of unity.

  • Long serving employees with a wealth of knowledge and experience who are able to share them with newcomers.

3. Transparency

  • Every company has its ups and downs – leaders are transparent in sharing the good news of the company, as well as the problems faced.

  • Leaders are open to suggestions and solutions on issues faced by the company and constantly seek feedback from employees.

  • Leaders are approachable and have an open-door policy.

4. Communication

  • Communication between employees and managers is constantly clear and precise.

  • Casual conversations between staff, managers and even top management take place regularly.

  • Employees have an open mind in seeking for advice from HR or their immediate managers when they are facing work problems.

So what’s HR role in making sure that the company becomes a great place to work at?

1. Hire with care

  • It’s not always about the hard skills. Look for candidates who possess the right attitude and share the same values as the company culture.

  • Ask related open-ended interview questions that can test if they are willing to contribute to making the culture work.

  • Remember that great companies spend a lot of time interviewing to find the right people.

2. Championing the culture

  • Foster open communication and constantly empower your employees – one way is to reward valuable input that has helped the company.

  • Treat your employees with respect, as well as how you would treat your clients/customers.

  • Make smarter salary decisions – HR is in the best position to balance out the pay scale on behalf of both employees and employers.

3. Provide proper training

  • Always stay up-to-date with the latest learning management systems and think of ways to turn boring content into something interesting, easy-to-digest training programs. 

  • Organise trainings online, conduct quizzes and other fun interactive elements that can keep your employees interested and engaged.

4. Continuous effort

  • HR’s supporting role is not a one-off process that ends after recruitment but an ongoing effort to build a great workplace for the future.

  • Remember that creating a great employee experience is also the quickest way to have a competitive advantage in terms of attracting and retaining top talents.

The role of HR in creating a great workplace will continue to be an important one. It may sound rather cliché but the ticket to securing your company a spot in the lists of best places to work, is simply to start building a strong company culture and invest heavily on employee engagement. As it takes an enormous effort to build and maintain a great workplace, a generous pay alone is not enough to make every employee feel like a star.

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