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Hiring Advice Attracting candidates 3-ways-to-increase-your-online-visibility


Online visibility is incredibly important for the modern business. But it’s not just customers that need to be able to find you; candidates are online and scouring the web for potential employers too. The more online visibility your company has, the higher the likelihood of attracting the right talent. SEEK Asia’s Job Outlook report reveals that regionally, when it comes to job hunting channels, 51% prefer online channels; 23% online job boards, 17% company career websites, and 11% opt for social media.

Moving your recruitment search online is important in today’s digital age, but it works under the assumption that the candidates you need will be able to find you. In fact, according to the same survey, online job portals are favoured by employees to monitor and scan the job market and to apply for jobs.

Here are three ways you can increase your online visibility, to ensure the right candidates visit you.

1. Maintain your company’s website. Your company’s website is important because it acts both as a repository for information and as the first place most people will go to look for information about your company. According to SEEK Asia’s surveys, 17% of candidates still go directly to company websites when scouting out an employer.

To boost your website’s reach, you should utilise SEO methods to ensure search engines are able to find and lead others to your site. Using keyword-heavy writing that reflects the search terms candidates will use is critically important, but having a healthy portfolio of backlinks (external links on other websites that lead back to your website) alongside good design and loading speeds is important too.

2. Capitalise by building a presence on other websites. As a hirer, ensure that your company is featured in the key places online where candidates will be looking. In addition to company websites, candidates have other flocking points: social media and job sites.

Having a presence on social media is important, as it lets candidates know what your company is about. But for the best results, your company should also regularly appear on targeted online job marketplaces such as Jobstreet by SEEK to ensure your brand remains fresh in the candidates’ minds and is perceived as an active recruiter.

3. Pay attention to reviews and feedback. In today’s digital world, customers are increasingly turning to online sources to do their own research about potential purchases and hirers. Crowd-sourced reviews now have the potential to make or break your company – and it’s the same with recruitment.

To support your hirer brand, you must ensure that your company is reflected positively in online review sites such as Jobstreet’s Company Reviews. If your rating is low, be proactive in responding to reviewer concerns and complaints.

While these tips may seem obvious, many hirers forget to give them the weight they’re due and, as a result, fade into obscurity or lose control of their brand. The most important thing is for hirers to be responsive, consistent in their messaging, and regular in updating and managing their online presence. Doing so can propel you upwards in candidates’ minds.

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